Rules and Policies

The rules that apply to participants of the Stowe Tango Music Festival:

  • Participants must be in Stowe for the full session dates.
  • Participants are required to attend all rehearsals and arrive prepared and on time.
  • Any student found participating in illegal activity will be dismissed from the Festival without refund.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy

For persons under the age of 21, the possession or consumption of alcohol is a crime in the State of Vermont. Additionally, selling or furnishing alcohol to a minor is a crime in the State of Vermont. Use, possession, sale, or distribution of illegal or controlled substances or associated paraphernalia is strictly prohibited and subject to judicial action.


Smoking is not allowed inside of the Stowe Tango Music Festival grounds.

Quiet Hours

The quiet hours for the hotel and the festival residence is 10pm until 8am.

Care of STMF Property

The public spaces must be kept clean, in the festival residence as well as in the Palais de Glace and Tango Kitchen building. Participants may not remove or rearrange the furniture and any other festival properties. (View Festival Handbook)

Appropriate Behavior

All STMF participants are expected to show courtesy and respect for festival faculty, staff, and fellow students at all times. As guests on the STMF, all festival participants are expected to treat campus property and university employees with respect, and to observe all STMF policies.


Friends and family are welcome to attend any of the Festival's public events including performances and master classes. Persons other than STMF participants are not allowed in any area of the Residence hall, unless the Director has given permission. The visitors are not allowed to stay overnight in the Residence hall.

Violations of Festival Policies

Consequences imposed for not observing policies of Stowe Tango Music Festival will vary depending upon the violation. Serious infractions may result in dismissal from the Festival without refund and/or be enforced by Stowe law enforcement officials.

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