The Argentine Tango Society is a non-profit organization founded in November 2000 as a collaborative effort by the the Consul General of Argentina in New York and the founding President of the Society. At its inception, the Society received the endorsement of the Argentine Government and its President. Subsequently, branches of "The Argentine Tango Society" were created in Vermont (United States) and in the United Kingdom.

Argentine Tango first appeared on the scene towards the end of the nineteenth century in Buenos Aires. Since then, it has spread its wings worldwide and has been recognized by UNESCO as "Heritage of Humanity".


To preserve and promote Argentine Tango in its myriad of expressions: music, dance, poetry, literature, history and the visual arts.


  • The Society has provided free dance classes at the Consulate of Argentina in New York since 2002. More than 2,000 dancers have made their initial acquaintance with Tango through this program.

  • The Society has organized Gala benefits and fundraisers in support of Argentine Tango and of children's hospitals in Argentina.

  • The Society has collected and preserved musical instruments (Bandoneons) and other Tango artifacts (manuscripts, books, sculptures, paintings, etc.).

  • The Society has sponsored recordings of several Tango Orchestras.

  • The Society has produced Tango shows on a 'non profit' basis.

  • The Society has provided Masters classes for accomplished musicians wishing to play Tango music.
  • The Society has supported Tango seminars and workshops for dance, music and History of Tango.

  • The Society has produced film documentaries relating to Tango history and some of its major figures.

  • The Society has sponsored the purchase of the historic "Cabaret Marabu", saving it from bankruptcy.

  • The Society has assumed the sponsorship of one of the most important Tango websites in the world: "Todo Tango".

  • The Society has initiated an international Bandoneon competition to encourage young musicians to take up the instrument.

  • The Society is planning to disseminate information relating to the health benefits of Tango Dancing in the areas of: Cognitive skills, Parkinson's disease and Cardiac health.

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