Directions to Stowe, Vermont

Stowe Map BY CAR: Stowe is approximately 3 hours northwest of Boston, Massachusetts; and 6 hours from New York City. Stowe is located only 11 miles from I-89. View Map

BY TRAIN: Amtrak has service to Waterbury Station, just a 15 minute drive to Stowe. This "Vermonter" route runs daily from Washington, DC and runs through Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

BY AIR: Burlington International Airport (BTV) offers plenty of flights nonstop from major cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York, Boston, and Washington. Major carriers at Burlington International Airport include Continental Airlines, The Delta Connection, United Airlines, JetBlue and US Airways. From the airport, it's just a 40-minute to Stowe. Taxi service and car rentals are available at the airport.


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